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PPE, Hi-Vis & Workwear

A full range of protective essentials including goggles, ear plugs and safety helmets, each are ideal and essential for issuing to employees in the workplace

Safety clothing & personal protective equipment (PPE)

In order to stay safe in the workplace, you will need a good range of trusted safety clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) that meets industry specific standards and regulations at an affordable price. Safety clothing and accessories will help to protect you from the elements and health risks associated with your line of work or hobby. It includes safety harnesses, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, helmets, gloves and respiratory protective equipment (RPE). We have an enviable range of high visibility clothing to suit all needs, sizes and ages. We have High-Viz Waistcoats which promote safety in all dimly lit situations and not just the workplace. These have the added reassurance of reflective strips around the torso that shine in headlights as well as torch light. These are great for a variety of uses, from traffic enforcement to cycling late at night. Our High-Viz Vests and Tabards also come in a range of colours for younger cyclists, hikers or pedestrians out in dimly lit situations. These are made with highly visible and washable polyester background fabric for your convenience and reuse. Waterproof high visibility trousers and storm coats are perfect for prolonged outdoor wear. These can be worn above your normal clothes and offer padding, velcro fastening (especially useful for fire wardens who would need to grab their high-vis waistcoat and be wearing it at a moment's notice) and highly reflective tape which conforms to EN471 class 1 specifications. Our range of high-vis workwear also includes High-Viz Bomber Jackets (which are fully waterproof, comfortable to wear and meet the EN471 class 3 specifications) and Fire Warden and First Aider Arm Bands to meet your high-vis work wear needs.We have an innovative range of safety clothing options, which include sports and extreme weather associated protective clothing too. You can purchase Snow and Ice Grip Overshoes which can be pulled (as the name implies) over your shoes quickly and easily for emergency situations. These lightweight overshoes add exceptional grip to the soles of your existing shoes for better control and safety in snowy and icy conditions. These are useful for anyone who needs to get about safely during treacherous winter weather conditions. In terms of personal protective equipment (PPE), we help to minimise dangers in the workplace to employees and visitors alike. Protective eye equipment is incredibly important for protecting the eyes against chemical or metal splash, dust, projectiles, gas, vapour and radiation. Our impressive range of HSE eye protection glasses and goggles really will meet any industry requirements. We offer: Bollé Axis Safety Glasses that have innovative design features for maximum comfort; Safety Goggles with PVC frames and high impact lenses; Visitor Eye-Shields with a contoured wide face area, perfect for all face shapes and sizes; Bollé Viper Safety Glasses with wrap around lenses; and Bollé Bandido Safety Glasses, which are a hard coated class 1 optical lens with the added bonus of a free sports cord. In addition to eye-wear, we also have individually wrapped soft foam ear plugs along with comfortable ear defenders that reduce noise by over 40 db. Our Glove Guards help keep down the costs of replacing safety gloves in the work place. The glove clip attaches to your belt loop or directly onto your clothing for ease of use and convenience. It also incorporates a reassuring safety breakaway feature, should the gloves get caught. Made with an engineering grade material that holds its shape, the glove guard is available in either blue or high-vis yellow.