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Disposable Gloves

JustWorkGloves have an extensive range of medical & industrial grade disposable gloves available in a wide range of materials including Nitrile, Latex, Vinyl, Rubber and Polythene

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Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are essential first aid supplies, used by a vast array of businesses operating within different industries. Consequently, it is important that your organisation selects the type of disposable gloves which are best suited to the task at hand. To help you do so, we have created the following guide which outlines the specific types of disposable gloves which are best suited for particular fields of industry:

General cleaning tasks

Whether you work within the domestic care and cleaning industries or if you simply wish to carry out some spring cleaning, a pair of household rubber gloves are ideal for carrying out general cleaning tasks. These multicoloured marigold gloves, blue gloves and pink gloves are waterproof and are fitted with textured palms. Combine these features with a glove design that has been specifically created to suit the natural contour of the wearer's hand and you can rest assured that you will be able to perform any cleaning task with precision and a firm grip.

Professions using Disposable Gloves

If you work within the medical profession then you will recognise the importance of protecting yourself, your fellow staff and the patients in your care from harmful viruses and contaminated materials such as blood and bodily fluids. Fortunately, by investing in professional quality medical gloves that possess extensive waterproof capabilities and a strong resistance to a vast array of chemicals, you can substantially reduce the likelihood of coming into contact with contaminants.

When purchasing medical gloves it is important to verify that they have been certified with an AQL 1.5 medical grade quality. Furthermore, you will also have to determine which material of surgical gloves you wish to use; either latex, vinyl or nitrile gloves. Although these various types of medical gloves will differ in their tensile strengths, you can remain confident that, within any pack of surgical gloves that you purchase, each pair of sterile gloves in the pack will be individually wrapped to prevent cross-contamination and to ensure that you know they have never been used before. They will also be fitted with beaded cuffs to prevent tearing when pulling on or off and have been specifically designed with a textured surface so that you can carry out all manner of intricate medical tasks and surgical procedures with precision and accuracy.

Industrial purposes

When handling heavy machinery or industrial grade chemicals you will need to wear gloves that provide comprehensive resistance against tears, punctures, abrasions and harmful chemicals. In these instances it is advisable that you invest in either black latex gloves, green nitrile gauntlets or black latex gloves. Not only will the bold colours of these disposable gloves stand out while you're working in order to reduce your risk of injury, but they have all been manufactured to possess patterned, textured palms and a high tensile strength so that you can safely carry out a diverse array of industrial tasks in a safe yet precise manner.

Hygiene control

If you work in a business where hygiene control is paramount, such as within the food preparation or pharmaceutical industries, then you will need continuous access to disposable gloves which your staff can wear while manufacturing your products.

For example, you can utilise nitrile gloves that possess a high tensile strength in order to provide a comprehensive resistance to punctures and abrasions while handling potentially harmful chemicals. Alternatively, you can invest in bright-coloured polysynthetic blue gloves that are powder-free to prevent cross-contamination of produce and which have been approved as 'fatty food disposable'. You can even purchase latex finger cots which can be worn by staff with cuts or injuries on their hands. These modified types of latex gloves are ideal for securing finger bandages, preventing wounds from contaminating your products and keeping bandages from becoming wet while working.

Prevention of allergy symptoms

If you or a member of your staff has an allergy to the rubber proteins commonly found in latex gloves then there are many latex free gloves from which you can benefit. Whether you decide to invest in vitrile, nitrile or vinyl gloves, all of these alternatives have been made without any rubber protein components so they are suitable for latex allergy sufferers. Moreover, many of these non latex gloves have been certified with an AQL 1.5 medical grade quality, so they are suitable for staff working within any domestic, industrial or medical profession.