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Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are a type of disposable glove made from synthetic rubber, this means there is no risk of latex allergies. Nitrile is very robust making it extremely resistant to punctures, tears and chemicals, for this reason they are often used in the medical, laboratory and manufacturing industries.

AQL 1.5, conforming design provides comfort and sensitivity

AQL 1.5 gloves aid donning and absorb perspiration

Ideal for protecting hands from dirt and potential irritants

Premium gloves offer excellent resistance to tears and abrasions

Protects hands from dirt, abrasions and potential irritants

World leading disposable glove for chemical splash protection

Durable and comfortable with increased chemical protection

Robust, extended cuff for food processing and heavy-duty jobs

Manufactured from premium quality nitrile for an extra strong glove

Unique blend of nitrile and vinyl is the ultimate latex rival

Free from residual accelerators, a cause of allergic dermatitis

Quality Nitrile gloves in a neutral colour with a conforming fit

Powder Free gloves are perfect for tasks such as hairdressing

Heavy duty black nitrile protects against oils and chemicals

Accelerator free gloves for a effective and durable barrier

Our best value latex free blue powder free nitrile gloves

Our best value latex free black powder free nitrile gloves

Our best value latex free white powder free nitrile gloves

Our best value latex free light purple powder free nitrile gloves

Unique diamond pattern over the entire hand ensures outstanding grip

Unique diamond pattern over the hand ensures outstanding grip

High resistance against chemicals and chemotherapy drugs

Extended cuff and high resistance against chemicals

High resistance to solvents, oils, antifreeze, petrol and hydrocarbons

Designed for tattooists, high resistance to solvents and punctures

Made from stretchy nitrile enhancing dexterity and sensitivity

Supplied in a box of 200 gloves offering great value for money

Versatile and dexterous glove useful across a wide range of industries

Designed to mitigate risks of cross contamination

Superior quality gloves from premium brand Bodyguards

Features textured fingertips for a more secure grip for the user

Chemical protection with impressive permeation breakthrough times

Premium quality black nitrile examination gloves offering tensile strength

Robust 4.5 mil nitrile gloves offer greater tensile strength

100% biodegradable gloves with high levels of dexterity and comfort

Gloves offer exceptional grip and chemical protection

Robust diamond grip gloves, ideal for chemical handling

Premium quality extra thick 6mil orange nitrile gloves

Premium quality extra thick gloves offering excellent protection

Gloves offers greater chemical resistance and durability

Smaller boxes of 10 gloves, ideal for issuing to staff

Smaller boxes of 20 gloves, ideal for adding to kits

Biodegrades at least 10 times faster than conventional nitrile gloves

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