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New products

Palm dipped for precision handling and maximum ventilation

Gloves feature a 13g Pylon and Carbon Fibre shell which diverts static electricity

This glove protects equipment like circuit boards from the natural oils of the skin

Hold keys to emergency doors so that the keys are protected from theft
Water-based fire proofing spray will treat any water-absorbent material
Manufactured from premium white silicone coated glass cloth
Manufactured from woven twill cloth, supplied in compact plastic case
Manufactured from woven twill cloth, supplied in durable soft case
Can hold a standard A4 fire & safety maintenance log book
Suitable for liquid and electrical fires
Suitable for solid material and liquid fires
Suitable for solid material, liquid gas and electrical fires
Designed for use on Class F fires involving cooking oils and fats
Most popular foam extinguisher in the range with 21A 144B ratings
Ideal for multi-risk usage where A and B class fires are likely
Ideal for dealing with fires involving flammable liquids and electrical hazards
One of the best-selling extinguishers in the Firechief XTR range
Suitable for all class A type fires
Carries the well-known Kitemark, LPCB and MED certification
Suitable for fires involving wood, flammable liquids and electrical fires
Suitable for fires involving wood, flammable liquids and electrical fires
Multi-purpose application 2kg Dry Powder fire extinguisher
Effective on vehicle fires making it a great for cars or vans
Ideal for caravan or other vehicles as it's so small but still has a big impact

Great heavy duty glove that is lightweight enough to allow full dexterity

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